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Russian bathhouse building custom

Russian bathhouse building custom
  • Russian bathhouse building custom
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Страна производитель:Украина
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Russian bathhouse building custom
One of several of our construction crews had an internship in the famous Finnish company Honka in Moscow. For 8 years we have built homes in Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Astra, Hortavii, Greece.

The tree has excellent construction and technical properties, closely linked with the "simple" values regarding quality of life. In the house made of logs man comfortable lives and easy to breathe. The beautiful, light wood has a positive effect on mood. Wooden houses - a house, fit well with the nature, the dreams of many people throughout the world, perhaps you did.

People who prefer to live in wooden houses, argue that the tree, though cut down, brings to life an indescribable feeling of closeness with nature, it continues to breathe and gives warmth. And in fact, such houses - a unique natural conditioner. The walls of the wooden structure of breathable, and give air to 30 percent, even indoors. Among the unique properties have also vlagoreguliruyuschie that contribute to optimal microclimate for both winter and summer.


Материал стеновой конструкции дома Цена за м2
рассчет по площади стен рассчет по площади пола
1. Каркасная технология Каркасная технология:
Стена 150-200мм
70-80 $ 150-170 $
2. Оцилиндрованный брус Оцилиндрованный брус -
- Стена 200;220мм
- Стена 240;260мм

70 $
80 $

170-180 $
180-220 $
3. Оцилиндрованное бревно Оцилиндрованное бревно -
- Стена 250-300мм
- Стена 300-350мм
- Стена 350-400мм
- Стена 400-500мм

80 $
90 $
100 $
По договоренности

180 $
180-200 $
200-250 $
По договоренности
4. Кленный брус Кленный профилированный
- Стена 100;120мм
- Стена 140;160мм
- Стена 180;200мм
- Стена 220;240мм

80 $
100 $
120 $
150 $

250 $
280 $
300 $
330 $
Страна производитель:Украина
Информация актуальна: 04.02.2021


Russian bathhouse building custom от компании Хата - Сруб, СПД, Мукачево (Украина). Купить Russian bathhouse building custom со склада. Цена, фото, условия доставки. Звоните!
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