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The oldest wooden house construction method is a log house made of logs cut with an ax. These logs are cleared from bark rounded shape trunks with carved grooves and lock elements for connection with other logs. Any log house wall consists of longitudinally stacked logs. Each log row is called the "rim". As a heat insulator in such designs traditionally use moss, hemp or jute: natural sealer is placed between the logs.

Natural wood is an excellent thermal insulator; its efficiency is many times higher than of brick, concrete, etc. Accordingly, wooden house is mega effective in terms of energy conservation, which can significantly reduce heating costs during operation.

We use timber cut on our own sawmills in the Carpathians in Mizhhiria (one of the few ecologically clean regions of Ukraine) and we cut it only in winter - at the time when wood achieves its optimal conditional characteristics (concentration and "preserving" the tree’s life forces that occur in winter time provides wood with extremely high strength, density and durability).

While manufacturing of wooden houses our company prefers hewn log technology, as far as timber processed with hand-cutting techniques cracks less. The outer layer is rich with resin, which protects the log house from unfavorable effects of environmental factors.

During 10 years we have built wooden houses in Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, and Greece.

Wood has excellent construction and technical properties; it is closely connected with "simple" values ​​relating to the quality of life. Log house makes a man live comfortably and breathe easily. A beautiful, light-colored wood has a positive effect on mood. Wooden house suits well to nature and more and more people around the world and maybe you as well dream of it.

People who prefer living in wooden houses claim that the tree, even if cut down, gives the indescribable feeling of closeness with nature, it continues to breathe and gives heat. And in fact, such houses are unique natural air conditioners. Walls of wooden buildings are breathable, and give up to 30 percent more airflow, even in closed rooms. The unique properties as well include the humidity regulation that also contributes to the optimum microclimate in both winter and summer.

Advantages of wooden houses are evident:

• Built very quickly 
• Eco-friendly house
• The warmest of all types of buildings
• Durable
• Economical maintenance
• The thickness of the processed logs are not limited

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