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Pricing for wooden house, option #1:

Titles included in cost of works:

* Preparation of conceptual project for wooden house.
* Preassembling house box of round timber (needles) with partitions, windows, doorways, balconies, terraces, ravines, made by mechanical or chopped by hand, according to the project in the manufacturer teritory and re-assembling boxes at home on a foundation of customer.
* Impregnation of timber antiseptic.
* Installation seal in the gutter of beams and joints.
* Preparation of scheme disassembly (assembly) box of house.
* Rafters on the roof (a thin wooden board 150x75) as a material.
* Work on installing the roof (if the house area greater than 100 square meters).
* Loading.

Payment Procedure:
50% - advance payment according contract
25% - pay at the end of the day pre-assembly
25% - payment on completion of the work

The height of the walls of the first floor of 2.5-2.7 meters. 10 houses can be made at the same time. The cost of houses, whose area is less than 50 square meters, is calculated from a different price.
Customer pays shipping costs and provides employees living conditions when re-assembling house. During the construction of houses can be used a timber of up to 40 cm.


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